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Wonderwice Margera
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Wonderwice was the middle child of a family with many children. It led to him being somewhat ignored in the earlier years of his life. Because of this, he became extremely detached and left to go into his own world, leading to him making up a language of his own of sorts -- but that is probably because that since he was young, he had many problems speaking and comprehending the language as it was. The language he speaks is not that different than the typical language -- except it is very random syllables. And when he does speak an understandable language, the words are very phonetic and literal -- since sarcasm, symbolism (and therefore literature) is outside of his understanding.

Because of this, though, it forced a lot of things upon his family -- special types of education and several attempts to get his head out of the clouds and find ways to keep him from getting distracted. He most likely has Inattentive ADD, but one can not be certain, as he never was diagnosed with it, since part of the diagnoses would be conversing with him and that is not near possible as he is now (other than the random words he seems to know).

He became somewhat of a 'burden', and while he had always been ignored, he became more so. They tended to leave him at home and let him entertain himself while they went out and about doing things on their own free time. This caused trouble, Wonderwice would like to pick up random things around the house and eat them. No matter how well his mother kept things locked up, he'd somehow find a way to swallow it, and probably took many hospital trips because of it. Around the age of 10, though, was when he burned down the house (he finds fire to be quite pretty~), every one of his family members getting killed in the accident, surviving with nothing more than some smoke and ashes on his clothes. He didn't seem to care, though -- and many people took him for a sociopath instead of thinking it was outside of his comprehension.

At this point, he was an orphan, and they were glad to find out that they could get rid of him and send him to Gotei, noting that the only thing he didn't seem to get distracted during was Tae Kwon Do (and he got quite good at it, fast~he loves to kick things ^^). He has started to (through TKD) learned to develop a vocabulary (kind of), even though it is minimal. He's very much monkey-see, monkey-do at the moment and will repeat anything he hears at least once.

Wonderwice tends to seem quite spacey, and easily distracted. The roots of his problems with speech are actually a language disorder, and his language will probably never develop correctly. He likes things that fly or things that tend to be described as bright or shiny (plus just about anything else that can come to mind XD). They will distract him immediately unless he is doing Tae Kwon Do -- which, as mentioned early, is the only thing that can keep his attention for more than a few minutes...depending on how interesting other things that come up are to him. He appears to have the mentality of a child who is no older than five -- and he likely doesn't. He's seen as being 'spacey' and socially impaired.